Charter Buses for Weddings

Premier has the benefit of years of experience working with couples and parents in planning transportation for weddings, so we can seamlessly manage your pre and post transportation plan. Having Premier for your wedding leaves you free to focus on what’s most important – your guests that have come to share in your big day! Most noteworthy is the fact that we are quite familiar with the locations of the most unique and most popular sites for weddings throughout New England. As a result, we can offer our expertise for designing a plan that meets your requirements while keeping costs manageable.

Five good reasons why Premier Coach is the best choice for weddings:

  1. No parking problems. Unique destination wedding or reception sites may be enjoyed without concern for parking fifty or more cars.
  2. Nobody gets lost. Out of town guests need not be concerned with navigating unfamiliar territory. (We KNOW the way.)
  3. On schedule. Everyone arrives together, with no guests delaying your event with a late arrival. (This happens more than you might think!)
  4. Guest Safety. Guests will enjoy themselves without being concerned about driving back to a hotel. (Smart. Very smart.)
  5. Ease of Booking. With our easy booking, you can cross transportation off your to-do list and go on to other things! (You know you want to cross this one off!)