Heartwarming stories shared by our staff.

Challenges & Opportunities
by Lee Kimball
(Part-time Driver and retired Operations Manager).

“Thanks to a dear friend’s recommendation, I got my CDL and started driving charter busses for Premier Coach full-time in August of 2012.

For the next 5 years, I drove seemingly everywhere in the Northeast, in every type of weather and client situation. I made many trips to Boston, NYC, Washington DC, and several to Florida, Ohio, Nashville, etc. I LOVED every minute of it.

In March of 2017, I advanced to Operations Manager and was doing 8-5 in an office again, with all the Drivers reporting to me, as well as Terminal Managers, numerous Wash Bay Attendants and dispatchers: 120+ total. It was a struggle at first, but I loved the new challenges!

In my past careers, I had worked for several family-owned companies, and Premier tops that list. I find the culture supportive (and accountable) for everyone, while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Never has this been more visible than during Covid. In March of 2020, the company had lost most of the business through 2021, so there was little work available for our drivers. Much of the company was furloughed, including me. When we were permitted to begin reopening post-Covid, our leader Randy Charlebois began bringing people back as soon as possible. I give him the highest marks for keeping Premier financially viable and hanging in there with his employees, and working hard to get so many of us back to work! In my experience, this is exceedingly rare for any company, public or private.

In December 2021, I retired as Operations Manager and returned to part-time status as a Driver out of our Warner garage. I love being a driver again! I offer my personal career advancement at Premier as an example of the opportunities made available to me. The same is true for the rise of Glenn Brassard from Wash Bay to becoming my successor as Operations Manager! I have thoroughly enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) my time with Premier.”

Priceless Tips!

Our Driver Randy shared these drawings, calling them, “THE BEST TIPS I’VE EVER RECEIVED!” They were drawn by a group of children Randy had the pleasure of driving to the Clark Art Institute in MA. Kids just have a beautiful way of making our day – and we certainly know they brightened Randy’s. Thanks for sharing Randy!

Worth a Million!

Here are some wonderful examples of the great relationships our drivers build with their passengers. Former Driver, Jan Wilson shared these pictures of a Washington DC trip, a tasty gift from a passenger, and some heartwarming thank you notes.

Jan was always quite touched by the gratitude often shown by her passengers. Knowing her, we completely understand why they enjoyed her so much!

Jan added, “Although I am no longer driving, this note from “a grateful, but broke student” was worth a million dollars in my eyes! I took a group of college students to the art museums in New York City, and this note was included in an envelope of tips from the group! Certainly made my day!”

Jan, you’re worth a million in our eyes and in the eyes of your passengers! Thank you for your years of service. We all miss you!

A career at Premier Coach is a family affair.

For some, a career at Premier Coach is a family affair! Meet Glenn Brassard and his daughters, Gabrielle and Alexis.
Glenn started working for Premier Coach as a Cleaner in the Wash Bay in 2009, though he always had bigger aspirations. Through his conscientious work and dedication to the team, he has grown with the company and enjoyed several well-deserved promotions.
In 2013 he was promoted to Operations Assistant Dispatcher, and again in 2014 he was promoted, this time to Dispatch Supervisor. Now in 2021, Glenn has risen to Operations Manager!
Randy Charlebois, Vice President at Premier Coach, shared, “Glenn’s many years as a Dispatch Supervisor have prepared him well for this opportunity and we all look forward to working with Glenn as he leads the Operations Department into the future.”
As for family, Glenn’s daughters Gabrielle and Alexis are both employed at Premier as Coach Cleaners as they’ve begun following in their dad’s footsteps already!
Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the entire Brassard Family!

Bob Spaulding - as much a part of our group as the rest of us!

We’re so happy to share these photos of a tribute to our very dedicated Premier Coach Driver, Bob Spaulding.
Shown here in pictures that span decades, you see Bob with a youth group with one of our ‘vintage’ coaches from way back, cutting a rug with the senior group, enjoying ice cream along one of the trips and of course helping the group onto the coach.
We sincerely thank the group leader that shared these pictures, who said, “Here are some pictures of our wonderful Driver, Bob Spaulding with our senior group on a variety of trips. Bob is not only our wonderful driver but he has become as much a part of our group as the rest of us! As you can see, we all enjoy him and he keeps everyone entertained!”
We on the team at Premier couldn’t agree more. We love you Bob and obviously so do your passengers! Thank you Bob, for all you do for our groups.